Live at Home 2020

At the start of 2020, we had great plans for our entire roster, things were going great, and we really felt as if we were making an impression on the world of music and live events.

Then…something happened. Something to do with some sort of pandemic (you may have heard of it). This meant that all plans were put on hold, and we had to think on our feet. The idea that we came up with was to put together a lineup of acts that we worked with, and acts who we were fans of, to play 20 minute sets from home, through Facebook Live. ‘Live At Home’ was born.

This type of gig would become fairly commonplace in lockdown life, but at the time, it was a new idea, and was featured by lots of Irish media, as well as shared with a US audience through the BBC World Service.

Following on from the success of the initial event, we did it again a few weeks later, with ‘Live At Home 2’ following a similar model, with more great acts involved, this time, we even included acts from around the world. 


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