As artists ourselves, we know how much work goes into creating. It can be easy to be so exhausted by the process of writing and recording, that by the time it gets to releasing and promoting your music, it all falls flat. We’ve been there!

This is why we decided to enter the world of PR, to make sure that artists are seen/heard by the right people, and to utilise the wide range of contacts that we have built up in the industry over the past few years.

We originally started doing PR for our own releases and events, and over time, learned what to do (and just as importantly, what NOT to do) to make each campaign a success.

We tailor each PR campaign to suit the material, as well as each recipient. We also know that nothing is guaranteed in the music world, but our job is to get your material to the right inboxes, and on the right desks, it’s something we enjoy very much.

Feel free to get in touch about your upcoming releases/events here.

You can also find out what artists we have previously worked with here.

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