John James is an up and coming Cork City based comedian and podcast host who has become a regular face on the Irish stand-up circuit.

Since returning to the scene post pandemic, he has been going from strength to strength, appearing in such venues at Live At St. Luke’s, The Roundy and more. He can be seen in many bars and coffee shops around Cork and the surrounding counties, as well as the odd bus stop and car-boot sale. 

When not performing comedy on stage, John James co-hosts a popular comedy podcast, ‘The Langer and The Gowl’, where he and co-host Lauren cover a broad range of topics with a funny twist. You can check out all episodes of the podcast here

With a quick wit, and even quicker on the draw with his asthma inhaler, he is sure to get a laugh going, and even the odd Mexican wave. 
9/10, would recommend? We never said that?” – The Farmers Journal 
“Please move out” – John’s Mother
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